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Av Sofie - 6 mars 2009 23:10

Go kväll på er :)

Tyvärr hann jag inte svara på kommentarerna idag, men det gör jag imorgon ;)

Hinner inte skriva mer inlägg ikväll så detta blir det sista, kommer en liten nedräkning.

+5 dagar kvar till Så länge vi båda andas

+Twilight Dvd Usa 14 dagar kvar

+16 dagar till New Moon börjar filmas

+Dvd:n till Sverige 53 daga kvar

+New Moon Sverige 259 dagar kvar

Av Sofie - 6 mars 2009 19:16

Hittade ny info om New Moon Casten, Brenna Lee Roth dotter till sångaren David Lee Roth.

Hon ska ha bekräftat sin egen roll i New Moon,men inte vilken roll hon skulle spela.

Här kommer hennes uttalande:

"Fans of the series will really love it, it’s spot on to the book. Way closer to the book than I think expected. Chris was a great director he really challenged me."

"All I can say is that, NEW MOON is shot in the middle of nowhere! And fans still find the set and take pictures of every little thing. It’s crazy. The fans were great"

About the Quileute tribe, she says that "Wardrobe was good. Nailed exactly what I thought of when I was reading the book"

About preparing for the role: "I worked out a lot. I did boxing training, a lot of wire work on set, and I had to learn how to swing a sword while driving a motorcycle, I am pretty sweet at it but I doubt I could use that knowledge in everyday life"

Men detta kan inte vara sant?!

Som ni kanske vet har filmen inte börjat filmas ännu, filmningen startar den 23 mars.

Så detta var nog för att hon ville skapa sig lite uppmärksamhet!

Men att hitta på sin egen roll?!

Av Sofie - 6 mars 2009 18:55


Kan ni inte vänta tills Dvd:n kommer i affärerna?!

Kolla då in klippet här under, det ska innehålla många borttagna scener som ska finnas på extra materialet.

Vill ni vänta tills ni har Dvd:n i handen så vänta då att kolla på klippet.

Hope you enjoy it :D

Av Sofie - 6 mars 2009 17:50

 Här kommer mer skådespelar fakta, detta blir om Robert :)

  • He has two older sisters; Lizzy and Victoria
  • He is 1.85m
  • He was born in London, England
  • He was born on May 13, 1986
  • His middle name is Thomas
  • He only has 2 pairs of pants
  • He is trademarked for his hair
  • He can speak some French
  • He feels that he is nothing like Edward
  • He auditioned with Kristen Stewart on Katherine Hardwicke’s bed
  • He used to be a female hand model
  • His hair used to be all grease, so he cut it off
  • He is addicted to fast food

Av Sofie - 6 mars 2009 17:47

 Här kommer lite fakta om Taylor Lautner:

  • His middle name is Daniel
  • He was born on February 11, 1992 in Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • He is 1.79m
  • He has a younger sister named Makena (6 ½ years younger)
  • He got his drivers license in 2008
  • He is friends with Alyson Stoner
  • He likes to watch American Idol
  • He has a Maltese named Roxy
  • He likes the Michigan Wolverines
  • He is a black belt in martial arts
  • He was on his high school football team
  • He began acting around age 13

Av Sofie - 6 mars 2009 17:42

Hej på er :)

Nu är det äntligen helg igen!

Idag efter skolan åkte mamma och jag o skulle köpa ett par skor till mig, men jag hittade inga jag ville ha.

Det är inte så roligt att handla gympaskor, vill handla skor med hög klack (jag är kort) så får väll vänta till Lördag för då ska det shoppas!

Nu sitter jag här och skriver inlägg igen och det är lika kul som vanligt :)

Här kommer det jag skulle skriva om, en intervju med Kristen om New Moon:

Kristen Stewart has brought an update for "The Twilight Saga's New Moon". In an interview with MoviesOnline, the "Twilight" beauty shared that the starting date for the shooting of the vampire drama sequel is close. In fact, she pointed on March 23 as the day the filming will be kicked off.

"Very soon," Stewart responded on the shooting schedule's question. She then added more details, saying, "In a couple weeks. March 23rd I think is the first official day of shooting." Asked about what part she looks forward to shoot, the 18-year-old gushed, "It's a completely different story. It's like it entirely undermines the first. Edward is gone and, for me, that was the whole story."

"It's hard for me to get past like...I don't know how Bella is going to deal with that," she continued explaining. "She matures a lot. It's a much more painful story than the first one. It's actually quite devastating. It's a smaller scale as well. She's very solitary for quite a while so that will be interesting. I'm excited about that."


Av Sofie - 6 mars 2009 07:06

Nu hinner jag inte mer denna morgonen :(

Snart skola, ha en bra dag allihopa :)

Av Sofie - 6 mars 2009 07:03

Här kommer lite kort fakta om Michael Welch som spelar Mike Newton.

  • He was born July 25, 1987
  • He was born in LA
  • He is 5’ 10”
  • He has a nickname of Mike
  • His favorite food is cheese
  • He has an older sister named Sarah
  • His role model is Robin Williams
  • He had a dog (Charley) but it ran away after an earthquake
  • He has a nephew named Paul
  • He is currently taking private college courses
  • He loves “Family Guy”
  • He says he is “crazy, wacky, silly and fun”



vilken är den bästa filmen i Twilight sagan?
 New Moon
 kan inte välja, alla är lika bra :)

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