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Av Sofie - 7 mars 2009 09:25

Bu ska det vara klart, Dakota Fanning ska enligt Summit Entertainment ha blivit blivit castad till New Moon.

"Acclaimed actress Dakota Fanning has officially joined the cast, and will play fan favorite Jane in The Twilight Saga: New Moon".

Vad tycker ni om att Dakota ska spela Jane?!

Är det bra eller dåligt?

Av Sofie - 7 mars 2009 09:13

Nu kommer ännu mer kort fakta nu om Cam Gigandet som spelar vampyen James.

  • His middle name is Joslin
  • He is 6’ flat
  • He was born August 16, 1982
  • His girlfriend got him to start reading the Twilight saga two months before he got the part of James
  • His last name is pronounced “Ji-gon-day”
  • Has two tattoos, one on his right arm and the other on his left hip that says “Godspeed”.
  • He enjoys basketball, football, movies, surfing, and skiing
  • He has been studying ballet for fifteen years
  • He originally auditioned for the role of Emmett
  • He has never had a nose job; it has just been broken before
  • He was born in Tacoma, Washington

Av Sofie - 7 mars 2009 09:13

 Här kommer lite fakta om Sarah Clarke som spelar Bellas mamma.

  • She played Nina Myers in “24”
  • She starred in “Emmett’s Mark” (2002)
  • She has two brothers; Preston and Swope
  • She is 5’4”
  • She was born in St. Louis, Missouri
  • She is sometimes credited as “Sarah Lively”
  • She was born in 1972
  • She is married to Xander Berkley (i.e. George Mason)
  • She went to Indiana University
  • She began acting in Italy

Av Sofie - 7 mars 2009 09:03

God morgon på er! :D

Kommer inte bli så mycket bloggande idag, ska till mormor och fira henne och kommer därför hem ganska sent.

Dagens första inlägg är en intervju med E!online där lite rykten reds ut som tex Oscars galan. 

“We all really hope there is going to be a number four,” Stewart, 18, told me yesterday afternoon when we sat down to chat in a suite at L.A.’s Sofitel hotel. “I’m pretty confident that the fans aren’t going to all of a sudden lose interest. The only case that a fourth one wouldn’t be made is if all of a sudden people stopped caring, and I really don’t think that’s going to happen.”

And that’s not about to happen for Stewart, either. In fact, she’d like to set the record straight about critics who have come to attack her as some sort of Hollywood ingrate who doesn’t think very highly of Twilight or its more dedicated—some would say obsessed—fan base.

“I love the fans,” she insists. “I feel like I am one of the fans and any direct interaction I’ve ever had with them has been the most warm and pleasant and enthusiastic. If anything, it’s the biggest driving force that could propel you to do something.”

That doesn’t mean all the new attention—OK, hysteria—can’t be overwhelming at times. But when she was recently quoted in a magazine as describing some of these experiences as “psychotic,” some felt she was taking a dig at the fans. “It’s not normal for me to be in a situation that Twilight puts you in,” she explains. “It’s not personally normal for me to see 5,000 screaming girls. But I’m not criticizing them for being ‘crazy’ about me. I’m sort of going, “Wow, this is just crazy!’ ”

When Stewart wasn’t at the Oscars last month, critics pounced again. Did she dislike Twilight so much that she wasn’t willing to support it like Pattinson, who was a first-time presenter? Was she scared that the supposed secret romance between her and her costar would be too hard to hide if they appeared together on the same stage on Hollywood’s biggest night?

Um, no! She had a very good reason for not being there—she wasn’t asked. “If I was invited to the Oscars, I would be there in a nanosecond,” she says. “If I got an invitation to the Oscars, I wouldn’t turn it down!”



vilken är den bästa filmen i Twilight sagan?
 New Moon
 kan inte välja, alla är lika bra :)

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